HSA Eligibility

An individual’s eligibility for HSA contributions is generally determined monthly as of the first day of the month. The HSA contribution limit is calculated each month, and a contribution can only be made for months in which the individual meets all of the HSA eligibility requirements.

To be HSA-eligible for a month, an individual must:

  • Be covered by an HDHP on the first day of the month;
  • Not be covered by other health coverage that is not an HDHP (with certain exceptions);
  • Not be enrolled in Medicare; and
  • Not be eligible to be claimed as a dependent on another person’s tax return.

The full-contribution rule that applies to individuals who are HSA-eligible on Dec. 1 is an exception to this general rule. Under this exception, an individual is treated as HSA-eligible for the entire calendar year for purposes of HSA contributions if he or she becomes covered under an HDHP in a month other than January and is HSA-eligible on Dec. 1 of that year. An individual who relies on this special rule must generally remain HSA-eligible during a 13-month testing period, with exceptions for death and disability.

To be eligible for HSA contributions, an individual generally cannot have health coverage other than HDHP coverage. This means that an HSA-eligible individual cannot be covered under a health plan that provides coverage below the HDHP minimum annual deductible.

Being eligible for non-HDHP coverage does not make an individual ineligible for HSA contributions. To determine whether an individual is an HSA-eligible individual, the actual health coverage selected by the individual is controlling. Thus, it does not matter that the individual could have chosen, but did not choose, a low-deductible health plan or other coverage that would have disqualified the individual from contributing to an HSA.

Individuals who are covered by general-purpose health FSAs or HRAs are not eligible for HSA contributions. A general-purpose health FSA or HRA is one that pays or reimburses all qualifying medical expenses of the employee.

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